Telecentre-Europe Award Winners 2011 • ALL DIGITAL
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Telecentre-Europe Award Winners 2011

25 Oct, 2011

Telecentre-Europe and its partner Microsoft are pleased to announce the winners of the Telecentre-Europe Awards 2011 who all win the prize of an Xbox 360/Kinect Bundle donated by Microsoft:

  • Irina Kotkina, Russia – Best European telecentre manager
  • Borko Vujadinovic, Serbia – Best European telecentre tutor
  • Cornelia Popescu, Romania – Best European telecentre network manager
  • The Learn more about ICT network, Denmark – Best European telecentre initiative

We want to thank all applicants for their enthusiast participation and we think they should all be winners, but contest rule says we can only have four… Congratulations to all participants for their outstanding digital inclusion efforts, achievements and best practices!

The Award Ceremony will take place at the Telecentre-Europe Summit in Brussels on October 27th, 2011 at 16h45.