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Successful ready-to-use Get Online Week scenarios from Poland

11 Feb, 2013

To help Polish organizations, libraries & institutions organize successful events during the Get Online Week campaign, the polish partner organization the Information Society Development Foundation (FRSI) have prepared some  ready-to-use scenarios that are now published in English and available to be used for the GOW2013 national partners.

During the  campaign editions of  GOW2011 and GOW2012 , FRSI created a total 0f 6 scenarios, directed to first online users & seniors (“Virtual listener’s choice”, “Health Clinic”, “Talk Priceless”) but also targeted to people of all ages, families and groups of friends (“Around the world in 80 minutes”, “Plant a tree.. on the internet!”, “Warm-up before EURO2012”).

For GOW2013, 3 more scenarios are being developed, together with the other Polish organizations coordinating the campaign this year: Cities on Internet Association and the Foundation Supporting Physically Disabled Mathematicians and IT Specialists. To be continued!

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