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Staff exchange: Lithuania-Poland

22 Jun, 2009

A short film was produced during one of the staff exchanges by Association Rural Internet Access Points, Lithuania and Responsible Business Institute, Poland.

Telecentre-Europe Network staff exchange programme provided an excellent opportunity to meet colleges from different countries and share experience, discuss and prepare video film “Become a volunteer” promoting volunteering.

For Lithuanian RIAPs network it was a great opportunity to share knowledge and experience in Poland on how to recruit new volunteers and engage old ones, trained them how to be a better one, how develop themselves and local community around them. Consortia of international partners joined their forces and worked together in order to create video film about volunteers’ situations in Poland.

The Rural Internet Access Points Association and Responsible Business Institute of Poland have come up with a joint idea to create a video film stimulating enthusiasm for active volunteering in Lithuania. The idea was implemented during the exchange visit of two RIAP association members to Poland where Polish volunteering experience was examined. The film contextualises the valuable experience of attracting volunteers to telecentres in Poland through various innovative instruments, such as special online platforms. It must be stressed that this experience is widely regarded as very successful and can be useful for addressing volunteering challenge in Lithuania and beyond.

The video was presented for RIAP association partners – Kaunas University of Technology, National Association of Distance Education, Baltic Education Technology Institute. It was promoted among Lithuanian Telecentres network on the portal

Learn more in the article “Become a volunteer – the Polish Telecentres experience” on Unite-IT

This staff exchange was part of a scheme organized by Telecentre-Europe in 2009. The project was kindly sponsored by


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