Silver surfers conquer new spaces in Serbia • ALL DIGITAL
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Silver surfers conquer new spaces in Serbia

04 Oct, 2012

With the aim of promoting active aging as well as intergenerational solidarity, the International Aid Network (IAN) organized a competition for grandparents and grandchildren in using computers to search the internet. The competition was organized in Belgrade, Serbia, as a part of a larger project called Silver Surfers.

The competition was preceded by a series of IT classes for seniors organized in cooperation with partners across Serbia, including libraries, civil society organizations and schools. At these trainings, 115 seniors from eight towns in Serbia learned to navigate the vast digital spaces offered by the internet, and to access the resources and opportunities available for the digitally literate.

In order to show that grandchildren can be of great support to their grandparents in mastering computer use and to stress the importance of intergenerational support in bringing digital literacy to seniors, the second part of the project included an IT grandchildren-grandparents competition.

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