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Resource Author:  3D-Print project consortium

Year:  2021

Language:  English

Type:  Report

Project:  THREE-D-Print

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Desk research report on pedagogic approaches for teaching 3D printing

31 May, 2021

3D-PRINT Erasmus+ project aims at developing an educational toolkit for both adult learners and trainers encouraging the future workforce to participate in the 3D printing evolution.

The consortium developed the second informative output Desk research on pedagogic approaches for teaching 3D printing, investigating the delivery of 3D Printing courses in several projects and other initiatives concerning the teaching of 3D Printing.

The report outlines aspects of training delivery, such as the training approaches and impact of different online 3D Printing learning courses and a revision of face-to-face workshops reports to provide an overview of the pedagogic approaches that have been used for the teaching of 3D Printing for teachers.

The desk research pointed out that most of the available 3D Printing courses are offered in the form of MOOCs and (fee-based) short introductory courses and workshops by most vocational and higher education institutions (except for some classes on manufacturing technologies). It might be because 3D printing is not (yet) an established field of science and technology (such as robotics or mechatronics). In terms of the pedagogical approach, online courses tend to rely on visual representations and videos primarily, whereas face-to-face courses adopt a more practical approach. In the classroom, 3D printing fits neatly with the current trend for STE(A)M education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics).

Read a comprehensive and detailed analysis and examples in the Desk research on pedagogic approaches for teaching 3D printing to gain full insight.

3D-PRINT partners are developing an entry-level, easily accessible course for adults to deliver training on 3D printing.

For the latest updates from the 3D-Print project, please check its website.