Project Funded by:  Erasmus+ programme - KA204 - Strategic Partnerships for Adult Education

Project Duration:  24 months

Start Date:  01/09/2020

End Date:  31/08/2022



30 Sep, 2020

The aim of the THREE-D-Print project is to provide support for the educational and training challenges related to equipping the future workforce with relevant and needed skills to participate in the 3D printing revolution. The key focus of the project is on providing an entry-level, easily accessible courses that could motivate adults with fewer qualifications.

In THREE-D-Print we see the (introductory) knowledge and (basic) use of 3D printing as a tool that can motivate, enable and empower adult learners. In terms of motivation and inspiration, it allows the user/learner to experience a rapid and easy materialization of the envisioned objects, it enables the production of parts that can be used in robotics training and ultimately empowers the user to master the skills that will be relevant and needed in the field of new emerging technologies. Finally, it can be used to foster creativity, innovation, experimentation and a DIY maker mentality that can be usefully employed in an entrepreneurial as well as an industrial setting.

To achieve the project’s aim and objectives we will develop and produce a 3D Printing Toolkit, which will have 3 elements:

  1. INTRODUCING 3D PRINTING: A guide on how to introduce 3D printing in adult education. Type of equipment required, 3D printers ‘best buys’, how to virtual 3D modelling in a PC and how to export the models to the 3D printer how to maintain the equipment, where to buy the materials, general ‘tips on tricks’, links to support groups in Europe – this Phase of the project will include the development of an on-line ‘Support Group for Adult Educators’ whereby they can contact each other and support each other e.g. include best practice, good/bad experiences etc.
  2. TEACHING MATERIALS FOR TRAINERS: A training programme on 3D printing for trainers, in order to provide them with the needed knowledge tools to develop a teaching programme on 3D printing in adult education.
  3. PROGRAMME ON 3D PRINTING, PEDAGOGIC GUIDE FOR TRAINERS: A teaching pack to enable adult educators to learn more about 3D printing and provide course materials for their adult students e.g. assignments, quizzes, general learning materials.

This is an important opportunity to give adult learners the expertise and competencies needed for societal development and individual development. We anticipate that over 1,000 institutions and adults will benefit from the outcomes of the project.