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Project Funded by:  Erasmus+

Project Duration:  24

Start Date:  01/01/2024

End Date:  31/12/2025

NuGamers – Creative activities for gender inclusive gaming education

22 Jan, 2024

This Erasmus+ project aims at innovating the way VET providers in the gaming sector organise and implement their orientation activities and their curricula so that they are more gender-inclusive and effective in engaging women. Its specific objectives are; to increase the knowledge and awareness on gender biases in gaming education; to enhance the capacity of VET staff to think and act in a more gender inclusive way;  and to equip VET staff with gender-inclusive tools to be used in orientation activities.


The project will produce:

  • a factsheet on gender biases in gaming education and how to prevent and overcome them, drawing on a bottom-up analysis with female students and developers;
  • a handbook on how to design more gender-inclusive curricula and orientation activities in gaming education, co-designed and validated with end-users and female students;
  • a toolkit with a set of creative and interactive educational tools (role play, cards, videos) to be used during orientation and training activities.


The partners:

  • Changemaker Educations AB (CEM)
  • All Digital