Project Funded by:  EC JRC B4

Project Duration:  11 months

Start Date:  02/09/2019

End Date:  30/09/2020


09 Sep, 2019


Develop an item bank and methodology, and then pilot a self-assessment tool for digital competence for foundation, intermediate and advanced levels among individuals in 3 Member States of the European Union, based on Digital Competence Framework for Citizens 2.1.

The Item Bank

A self-assessment / self-reflection tool to:

  • make users aware of what is digital competence in the DigComp perspective
  • highlight their strengths and weaknesses in different areas of digital competence
  • encourage further competence development, by providing useful feedback to be discussed with expert counsellors

Tool should be easy to understand and self-administer by the user, in a reasonably short time

 Key stages

  1. Develop methodology and draft Item Bank and across all 21 competences of DigComp2.1
  2. Validate and refine item bank with panel of experts during validation workshop in Brussels
  3. To make a first test on the initial item bank among 150 individuals in Ireland.
    • Participants: 16-65 years old, native English with preliminary expected digital skills level from foundation up to advanced users
  4. Carry out Psychometric and Statistical analysis (including Factor analysis) of results, refine item bank as necessary.
  5. To make a second test on the revised item bank among 400 individuals in Spain and Latvia (with localized languages) with same participant demographics.
  6. Carry out statistical analysis of reliability of second pilot results and refine item bank again as necessary.
  7. Produce final report of methodology and item bank.


Final report on the European Commission JRC website


Piloting Partners

Irish Computer Society (ICS), Ireland

ICS Skills is a registered charity established by The Irish Computer Society (ICS) in 1997. The ICS client network includes 500 accredited ICS Skills test and training centres, 250 second-level schools and 1,600 individual teachers in primary and post-primary schools.

Ibermatica, Basque Country Government, Spain

IBERMATICA has been the main contractor for the Basque Government’s IKANOS project from 2014 to the present day. The Ikanos project has established numerous relationships with educational, social and economic promotion agents in the Basque Country: EHU/UPV University, Saregune, Enpresa Digitala, Local Devt Agencies, KZgunea telecentres network, etc

 Baltic Computer Academy, Latvia

In Latvia, Baltijas Datoru Akademija (BDA) (the Baltic Computer Academy) is the leading centre in the Baltic region for training and certification of professionals and users in the field of ICT, as well as providing general and basic digital skills trainings for employability. BDA has been successfully operating in the Latvian market since 1994.