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Theme:  Smart Cities, VET, vocational skills

Start date:  11 November 10:00 CET

End date:  11 November 12:00 CET

Location:  Online

Organiser(s):  ALL DIGITAL and EVBB


Designing and delivering VET curricula in the digital age

25 Oct, 2020

In the framework of the European Vocational Skills Week, a group of speakers from the world of VET will address the challenges posed to the sector by the increasing need for digitized training and training on digital skills.

The event is part of DevOps Competences for Smart Cities project and its aim is to present project results as a starting point to discuss the impact of ICT-related issues on VET education at a time when Covid crisis made unavoidable the switch to technology-assisted learning.

The panelists will draw a full picture of the current situation, trying to sketch how threats can become opportunities and what all stakeholders – teachers, trainers, learners but also decision makers and managers – can do to adapt to the new panorama.


Moderated by Borut Cink of ALL DIGITAL, the event will host the following speakers:

If you have any questions about the event do not hesitate to contact Borut Cink from ALL DIGITAL via borut.cink(at)

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