24.03 All Digital Weeks 2022 : Innovative approaches to enhancing media literacy of students and teachers • ALL DIGITAL
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Theme:  media literacy, critical thinking, audio-visual content creation, online hate speech, non-hostile communication

Start date:  24 March 15:00 CET

End date:  24 March 16:00 CET

Location:  online

Organiser(s):  ALL DIGITAL

Target audience:  organisations and individuals working to enhance digital skills of citizens

24.03 All Digital Weeks 2022 : Innovative approaches to enhancing media literacy of students and teachers

24 Mar, 2022

The event aims to showcase two different approaches aiming at one objective – enhancing media literacy of students and their teachers. The two approaches in focus are the Advanced Media Literacy Education to counter online hate speech (AMeLiE) and the Creative audio-visual lab for the promotion of media literacy and critical thinking (CrAL). In AMeLiE, teachers work with their students on the topic of online hate speech through activities on non-hostile communication. Students learn how to analyse messages spread through online media, how to critically assess their purpose and potential effect and how to choose and promote alternative narratives in their everyday online communication. During the event, Chiara Borsini from EGInA, will explain what the principles of non-hostile communication are, and will guide participants through the online platform, where any teacher or trainer can find materials for organising class activities linked to those principles. CrAL uses the language of cinema and moving images, with the same ultimate aim – by teaching students (and teachers) to reflect on how images represent the reality around them, and how they can be used to convey a certain message or point of view, they help them realise that behind every piece of audio-visual information there is a creator with their own ideas and agenda. At the webinar, Gabriela Ruseva from ALL DIGITAL will present the Creative audio-visual lab manifesto, which includes basic principles of self-expression, reflection and creativity, and will provide a glimpse into the training course for teachers on how to set up a creative audio-visual lab in their school.


15h00 – 15h05

Welcome to the ALL DIGITAL weeks (Peter Palvolgyi, ALL DIGITAL)

15h05 – 15h25

Tackling online hate speech at school through non-hostile communication (Chiara Borsini, EGInA) (Presentation)

15h25 – 15h30

Testimony from teachers

Corina Maliara, Teacher at Experimental School of the Aristotele University of Thessasloniki, Greece

Katerina Lazoudi, Teacher at 2nd Lykeum of Xanthi, Greece

Anca Tulugea, English teacher at Mircea cel Bătrân National College Rm. Vâlcea, Romania

15h30 – 15h50

Enhancing critical thinking and media literacy though audio-visual content creation (Gabriela Ruseva, ALL DIGITAL) (Presentation)

15h50 – 16h00

Q&A and conclusions


Sponsors:  Microsoft NV, Huawei