30.03 The development of the Hungarian DigKomp System to assess and improve the digital competence of citizens • ALL DIGITAL
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Theme:  digital inclusion, digital skills, digital education

Start date:  30 March 14:00 CET

End date:  30 March 15:00 CET

Location:  online

Organiser(s):  ALL DIGITAL

Target audience:  Organisations and individuals working to enhance digital skills of citizens

30.03 The development of the Hungarian DigKomp System to assess and improve the digital competence of citizens

30 Mar, 2022

In the first part of the talk, the background and milestones of the development of the Hungarian DigKomp System will be presented. Digital Success Program, Hungary will briefly introduce the Hungarian DigKomp framework for citizens based on the adaptation of DigComp 2.1 including its features and components, then the building blocks of the DigKomp System: DigKomp Office, DigKomp Learning Platform with an item and tutorial bank, Digital Training Register, DigKomp Certificate Centers will be shown.

In the second block of the webinar, they will describe the plans for the next phase of our development and the steps taken so far to achieve our objectives. The goal is to create an item bank that measures digital competence and provides immediate feedback with instructional support as well. The platform will provide a learning environment whose target group ranges from school age, through employees all the way to senior citizens providing an optimal challenge and user-friendly experience. In this presentation, they will present a table for the elements of knowledge, skills, and attitude levelled according to the proficiency levels, task types, and templates. They also highlight some challenges and dilemmas arisen.



14:00-14:05 Welcoming and introducing participants
Peter Palvolgyi, CEO, ALL DIGITAL
Stefano Kluzer, Research Collaborator, JRC

14:05-14:25 Development of the Hungarian DigKomp System: Milestones, Framework
Attila Rausch, Digital expert, PhD (Presentation)

14:25-14:30 Q&A

14:30-14:55 Creating the DigKomp assessment and development platform
Csongor P. Pajtók, Digital expert (Presentation)

14:55-15:00 Q&A



Stefano Kluzer

Research Collaborator at JRC

Attila Rausch, PhD

Digital expert, Digital Success Program, Hungary; Assistant professor, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest

Csongor P. Pajtók

Digital expert, Digital Success Program, Hungary


More information on the Digital Success Program:
The digital expert team presenting the DigKomp system is working under the umbrella of the Digital Success Program, which affects the entire Hungarian digital ecosystem. Its goal is to ensure that all Hungarian citizens and businesses are among the winners of digitalisation. The Company is a government founded background institute operating in the form of a non-profit limited liability company.


Sponsors:  Microsoft NV, Huawei