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ERVET is the regional development agency of Emilia Romagna in Northern Italy. Formally, it is an in-house company under private law, majority-owned by the regional government. ERVET runs a range of activities, projects and services on request of regional government’s departments, in coordination with provincial and municipal authorities, to promote territorially balanced and socio-economically and environmentally sustainable development of Emilia Romagna.

ERVET performs several activities for the regional information society policies, previously known as the Telematics Plans of Emilia-Romagna PiTER (launched 2004), now as the new Emilia Romagna Digital Agenda ADER.

In particular, ERVET monitors the deployment and take up of local e-government services and ADER’s projects overall progress.

From 2014, ERVET has also supported the regional authority with Pane e Internet (literally “Bread and Internet”), the main regional digital literacy and inclusion project launched in 2009 and currently one of ADER’s main initiatives in the digital competence priority area.

In collaboration with Pane e Internet, Ervet has been running the Erasmus+ project Digital Generation Gap in Migrant and Low educated Families (DGGMLF) and other digital-related activities targeting the migrant population.

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Name: Rita Trombini
Position: Head of Knowledge society, Labour, and Welfare Unit