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The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition events in autumn

26 Aug, 2017

The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition is expecting a busy schedule in the upcoming months. This schedule will offer plenty of chances for the general public to get in contact with coalition stakeholders and coordinators and take part in activities to get new skills or bridge the digital skills gap. Getting in contact with the National coalitions help organisations reach new target groups  and coordinate their activities to ensure the digital skills gap is bridged.

Let’s take a look at many of the innovative events that are on offer.

The Czech coalition is hosting a series of round tables in Prague and in regional capitals on working towards developing a Digital Strategy 2020 affecting the education sector in particular.  There will also be some events and conferences directed to the businesses and start ups, find out more information here.

The Bulgarian coalition will the First European Junior Olympiad in Informatics will take place in Sofia Bulgaria on 7-13 September. The Olympiad is endorsed by the Bulgarian President and members of the European and Bulgarian Parliament, and the Commissioner of Digital Economy and Society Mariya Gabriel.

The Estonian coalition has a project The NutiKaitse 2017 bringing together mobile app developers, IT professionals, and businesses that care for smart business. The project focuses on raising security awareness of mobile phone users, understanding how to protect their e-ID’s, and online banking systems. Read more about it here.

The Luxembourg coalition will host a cybersecurity week on the 16-21 of October. The Cybersecurity Week – Luxembourg (#luxsecurityweek) will allow participants to make the most of existing synergies in Luxembourg and further contribute to the development of initiatives carried out by public and private actors in cybersecurity. It will increase opportunities at national and international levels to attract start-ups, talent and investors, thus positioning Luxembourg as a key European player in cybersecurity.

The Digitalisation Agenda conference will take place on October 24th in Dublin, the theme of the conference will be on Re-thinking the Role of Qualifications and Skills.

Another event is from the Slovenian coalition, the “Best Practice Day 2017” conference on 28-29 September. This year’s conference is aimed at promoting “digital” partnerships at all levels: business-to-government, economic-development-research, domestic and foreign economic and research entities, between companies and institutions, supplier chains and value chains, etc. With the goal of accelerating the processes of transformation of factories into the smart factories of the future.

Also the fifth anniversary of Codeweek will be a big celebration by many coalitions in October. Many will be hosting events to get kids into coding for the weeks of 7-22 October.

Find out more about the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition from the website. Become a member here or make a pledge to bridge the Digital Skills gap here. Follow news about the coalition here.