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Celebrating ALL DIGITAL Awards 2021 finalists and winners

20 Oct, 2021

On 13 October 2021,  at the ALL DIGITAL Summit, we announced the winners of the annual ALL DIGITAL Awards. The Ceremony, as the whole event, was organised online and was hosted by a journalist and a documentary producer Samuel Stolton, from Brussels – the host city of the Summit.

ALL DIGITAL Awards recognize individuals and organisations across Europe that enable citizens to transform and enrich their lives through the benefits and opportunities created by digital technologies.

The categories have been changing from year to year, and recently three of the recurring ones have been: Best Digital Changemaker, Best e-Facilitator, and Best Digital Resource. Read about all the finalists of ALL DIGITAL Awards 2021

Special thanks to 3D Trophy Factory,  an Antwerp-based technology & product-design company, for creating our beautiful awards. 

Best Digital Resource

A digital resource is an online product for educational benefit, contributing to enhancing digital skills or providing an organisation with a useful tool to use with the customers or by customers directly. Only ALL DIGITAL member organisations can nominate the resource, because the network wants to highlight those resources that their members are using in their work and find it useful.

The three finalists in the ‘Digital Resource’ category in 2021 are (you can see the nomination entries by clicking the titles):

  • “The Big Blue Button”, Spain- created by Technical Support, Facilitation and Administrative Office of Xarxa Punt TIC and Government of Catalonia
  • “SomosSIA”, Spain – created by Digital Agenda Department – Government of Extremadura & AUPEX
  • “Digital Lockdown”, Belgium – created by Media Actie Kuregem Stad


And the winner is ….

Announcing the winner in the ‘Best Digital Resource category, the Member of the Board of ALL DIGITAL, Iva Walterova.

…Somos SIA!

This project was the result of a creative and research process developed by the AUPEX team and funded by the Regional Government of Extremadura. The resource provides:

SomosSIA is a unique cutting-edge digital tool designed to better understand Artificial Intelligence. It brings anyone, regardless of their level of education or competences, closer to the world of AI, using a friendly and understandable language to simplify the complexity of all this world and an usable interface to explain how AI techniques work, how important our data is and how this technology is influencing all areas of life, and is described as the most strategic technology of this century.

Reaching over 400 users in 2 months, included more than 60 training actions both online and face-to-face formats. It is being used with high media and social media impact with associations, schools, VET organizations. The website has over 14.000 visits since it was launched in January 2021.

SomosSIA has its website (www.somossia.org) and this video: https://youtu.be/So6hWjc9IgI

Its target group are people in risk of exclusion, low skill adults and general public.

Interested what Somos SIA is? Continue reading the nomination 

Receiving the Award, Mónica Calurano, president of AUPEX said, “The Award is particularly important for us and for Extremadura in order to be more motivated to help and improve digital skills in our region and fulfil with the program of Digital Agenda in Extremadura”. Pablo García Rodríguez General Director of Government of Extremadura, added that it was a pleasure receive this award and reinforce strengthens its work in the region.


Best Digital Changemaker

Digital changemakers are committed individuals who aim to transform society with the help of digital tools and technologies. They lead the refocusing and adjustment of existing ICT for learning and inclusion initiatives towards a more effective support of citizens. The tree finalists in 2021 are:


And the winner is …

The winner was announced by the Member of the Board of ALL DIGITAL, Marianna Marcucci.

… Tobias Marczinzik, Founder of PIKSL!

Tobias studied design in Düsseldorf with focus on strategic design and he founded PIKSL about ten years ago. PIKSL is an initiative of the Living in the community GmbH (IGL) a social service institution that accommodates living and participation activities for people with mainly learning disabilities. Today PIKSL is an social franchise with nationwide learning spaces, where people with disabilities not only can enhance their digital skills but being educated to submit their knowledge to others.

In 2017 he and his team were selected by the Skala Initiative of Susanne Klatten and were able to scale up the idea of digital participation for everyone. The opening of new PIKSL Labs throughout Germany was one of his milestones, innovative spaces, where everyone just can learn, communicate and ideate. Continue reading the nomination here

Accepting the Award, Tobias said that what ALL DIGITAL members represent and fighting for – the digital inclusion – is very important and also said that “it was an honour to receive this award, but of course on behalf of the PIKSL team that work all together to develop digital skills in Germany”.


Best e-Facilitator

E-facilitators are trainers, tutors, assistants, teachers – all those who support and empower users in digital competence centres. They bring people online, take the fear of technology away, and teach them the right behaviour, opening new perspectives, enabling better jobs, and enhancing their communities.

The finalists in the ‘Best e-facilitator” category are:


And the winner is…. 

The winner was announced by the Member of the Board of ALL DIGITAL, Joel Ferrer.

…Gabija Ščiukauskaitė


Gabija started to work in Kaunas District Municipality Public Library 5 years ago. She works in one of the 30 Kaunas District Mun icipality Public Librarydepartments named Pagynė Department. There are less than 500 residents in Pagynė village. About 200 of them are library readers. about 100 are active library computers and internet users.

Also she works in the project “Connected Lithuania: An Efficient, Secure and Responsible Lithuanian Digital Community” (I am a lecturer of these trainings) were also forced to move digital literacy training to remote space, at least temporarily.

From 2020 Gabija will remotely train almost 1500 participants from 120 groups from the Pagynė Library. The participants of the training are not only the residents of Kaunas district, but also the employees of various Lithuanian state and private organizations, starting from medical staff, municipalities, courts, cultural workers to salesmen, managers and teachers. Training takes place in virtual classrooms, so it does not matter at all where the connection is made or what device a person uses for training. The project currently offers eleven different digital literacy curricula.

Continue reading the nomination


Congratulations to ALL and we hope to meet next year!   


Watch the Awards Ceremony:

(the video should start at the time of the ceremony; if it doesn’t, fast forward to 1:33:00)