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Gregorio López

18 Sep, 2023

Associate Professor – Universidad Pontificia Comillas
Gregorio (Grego) López works as Associate Professor at ICAI, the Engineering School of Universidad Pontificia Comillas (Madrid), where he also serves as coordinator of the MSc in Cybersecurity. Previously, he worked as Assistant Professor at the Telecommunication Engineering School of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and as researcher at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. He gathers wide experience in close-to-market research gained through his participation in more than 10 national and European research projects. As a result of his research activities, he is co-inventor of an European Patent and has published more than 50 papers in scientific journals and conferences. His current research interests revolve around cybersecurity and data analytics in IoT and the use serious games as a research tool. He is the coordinator of the RAYUELA project and Principal Investigator in the RESPONSE and eFORT projects.