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UK online centres

01 Sep, 2010

The UK online centres network was set up by government in 2000 to provide public access to computers

UK online centres provide millions of people with access to technology and support in using it, at 3.800 local centres across England. All UK online centres offer free or low cost access to the internet, deliver online courses through the learning website and encourage people to progress onto further learning.
UK online centres work in partnership with organisations across the public, private and third sectors in order to reach more people, deliver more projects, and raise awareness of digital take-up. Partners include Race Online 2012, the BBCPost OfficeBT and Wetherspoons
UK online centres are committed to helping the 8.4 million offline people in the UK to gain the skills they need to get online, using government services therefore saving money and stimulating economic growth. At UK online centres, we believe technology is key in both social inclusion and community development.  Our mission is to get one million more people online by 2013, improving individual lives and strengthening local communities.