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Association Langas i Ateiti (Window to the Future)

02 Aug, 2010

Association Langas i Ateiti (Window to the Future – W2F) is a private business initiative launched by private companies in 2002.

The mission of the Langas i Ateiti alliance is to promote the use of internet and e-services in Lithuania and hereby stimulate the growth of the standard of living, as well as Lithuania’s competitiveness among European and other countries of the world.

Today W2F brings together 13 private companies and the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania, all concerned in contributing to the development of the information society, increase accessibility of internet and e-services in Lithuania by providing information, computer literacy and internet training to Lithuanian adults, as
well as establishing Public Internet Access Points (PIAPs) and stimulating the growth of e-services countrywide.

The key activities are aimed towards digitally excluded and geographically separated inhabitants, especially those
living in rural regions, this also includes the elderly and disabled people.

The three main areas of activity are:

  • Access to Internet by establishing PIAPs
  • Community based ICT training
  • Promoting the use of e-services