Telecentre-Europe at the Workshop “Certification Model for Digital Competences in Spain” Sep 21-22, Barcelona

18 Sep, 2012

The Spanish Association of the Community of Telecentre Networks and Social Innovation Centers, is organizing the Workshop Certification Model for Digital Competences in Spain under the Digital Agenda of Europe that will take place in Barcelona on September 21-22.

The workshop will bring together the Association’s members, representatives from Telecentre-Europe and from other agency leaders, organizations & leading companies in the field. The aim of the workshop is to lead the process of certification and to give possible innovative & ICT-based solutions, thus strengthening the role of telecentres.

The meeting should also evolve towards a consolidated Spanish Certification Model that is in consensus with the notes from the Institute of Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS) about a European System of Digital Competences, as noted in the Digital Agenda for Europe.

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