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The Association’s main mission is to bring together and build a network with organizations that work in creation, promotion and maintenance of public areas for the promotion of Information Society by promoting innovation in the public access to ICT, doing this as a community service.

The Strategic objectives pursued by the Association of Telecentres Networks are:

  1. Transformation of the territory and citizens through ICT
  2. Promote telecentres as an innovative space generating opportunities
  3. Promote actions that strengthen the services offered by telecentres and to accelerate the incorporation of all them in the Information Society and Knowledge
  4. Put on the most important asset value of Telecentres, Telecentres Managers (social  staffdinamizadores/as)
  5. Promote the exchange of public strategies and the successful experiences at the international level
  6. Provide methods and ways to stimulate creativity and the innovation for social and economic progress

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Name: Jose Moreno Hortet
Position: Technical Secretary