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Teb Youth Association (TEB)

20 Dec, 2012

Teb Youth Association (TEB) is located in Barcelona and works in fields related to community networks and technology, and participates both in local as in international projects. They are experts in networking, coworking & social innovation and work with social institutions, training centers, universities & companies. TEB is flexible, innovative and social.

Born 20 years ago,TEB manages a sustainable, user-oriented telecentre which is one of the first telecenters in Spain, and led to the birth of the 1st telecentre network in Catalonia, in 1999. Currently, TEB works for the Catalan government in coordinating and assisting the 750 centers of the PuntTIC.cat network and its e-inclusion telecenters (Xarxa-Omnia.org). TEB also works in collaboration with the city of Barcelona and the Provincial Government of Barcelona.