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Survey on e-Inclusion Actors in the EU27

26 Jun, 2014

Author: Telecentre Europe and University of Washington

Year: 2013

Project: MIREIA

Type: Report


This report presents the results of an online survey that collected relevant data from almost 3,000 organisations working on eInclusion in 27 European countries. It was the first attempt in Europe to collect primary data from those actors.

The research constitutes a building block of a larger project ‘Measuring the Impact of eInclusion Actors on Digital Literacy, Skills and Inclusion goals of the Digital Agenda for Europe’ (MIREIA), a policy-oriented research project which aims to better understand the role of these actors across the European Union and to create adequate measurement instruments to provide evidence about how they contribute to the achievement of the Europe 2020 policy goals, from the eInclusion perspective.

The findings of the analysis provide policy relevant insights and help shed light on the size of the sector, the types of organisations providing eInclusion services and their capacity (staff, budgets, funding sources and network), the services they provide and the target groups they address. In conclusion, they illustrate the key relevance of these estimated 250,000 actors in EU27 in advancing social and economic inclusion goals of the Europe2020 strategy, and in particular the digital literacy and inclusion goals of the Digital Agenda for Europe.

Authors: Gabriel Rissola, Maria Garrido

Editors: Cristina Torrecillas, Clara Centeno, Gianluca Misuraca

Publication date: 11/2013