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Scaling up telecentres in Kemerovo region, Russia

03 Oct, 2012

The electronic resource center of the Kemerovo Regional Academic Library is one of the leaders in the region in terms of the number of visitors that want to improve their IT competency and expand their social & employment opportunities. With a waiting list of 1,000 people that want to take a Tvoy Kurs free digital literacy training, the center decided to scale up the number of training centers in Kemerovo city and in the Kemerovo region.

The center joined the network of the Tvoy Kurs Computer Literacy Centers in 2010. Through participation in the project, the center has opened up new opportunities and expanded access to ICT for unemployed (or partially employed) job seekers, people at risk of unemployment, senior citizens and people with disabilities.  In 2011, five extra training centers were launched, as the demand for digital literacy training sessions was very high among local citizens. In 2012, another twelve centers were opened at the libraries of the region. In 2013, even more training centers are expected to join the project.

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