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Resource Author:  Ilona Griniute

Year:  2014

Type:  Data Analysis

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Newsletter as an Email Marketing Tool for NGOs

08 Jan, 2015

Online communication is of great importance for Telecentre Europe to keep in touch with its members operating in many countries. Among communication tools Telecentre Europe uses regular newsletters to keep its members informed about its activities, news and events in the ICT and digital inclusion field. Therefore, it is important to reflect on the performance of newsletters having sufficient data. This analysis should help to identify the most successful newsletters in terms of KPIs, understand the content, the audience and their reading dynamics. The analysis is the basis for conclusions and recommendations to improve future TE newsletters.

A quick overview of the content:

  • Introduction: Telecentre Europe and its newsletters
  • Analysis of most successful newsletters: (1) KPI: Open Rate, (2) Email subject line, (3) KPI: Click Rate
  • Analysis of the audience: subscribers with most opens
  • Analysis of content: top stories of the last 10 newsletters
  • Conclusions based on data analysis
  • Recommendations
  • Screenshots of most successful Telecentre Europe newsletters