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Re-story Train-the-trainer in Athens and more…

25 Jul, 2022

The Re-story training for trainers took place last May 2022 in Athens. It lasted for a week and was hosted by IASIS, one of Re-story partner organisations.

Project partners shared useful tools and methodologies to facilitate the work of professionals and caregivers working with elderly people. They tested theatrical practices such as applied and documentary theatre, and discussed how these can be used to help elderly people deal with loss and anxiety. Other tools that partners tested include visual arts, such as stop motion video to produce a collective mixed media artwork within the scope of engaging with family and relatives.

Outputs’ phase

We are very happy to announce that IO3 Toolbox & IO4 Handbook have been successfully completed. Following the training of trainers, partners went on to prepare for the pilot implementation which some partners started in June, and will continue throughout September in all countries.

IO3 is a Toolbox that contains the educational exercises and IO4 is a Handbook that contains the theoretical background and methodologies that accompany them. 

IO5, an IT open platform which will contain the methodology, toolbox and IT & cultural products and IO6 which consists of Recommendations for policy makers and training providers, are under development.

Ιn case you are interested in participating, you can contact us:

Stay tuned to learn more about the project!

The project is funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union.

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