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News from the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition

24 Feb, 2017

The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition was launched on December 1st, and Telecentre Europe, part of the Secretariat running the coalition, is focused on supporting and forming National Coalitions.

There are many ongoing developments, so how can you follow them? Follow the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition on Twitter and Facebook. The former eSkills EU channel have been renamed: Digital Skills EU. Follow the channels for news on the digital skills and the coalition. The LinkedIn group continues to be an active point for speaking more on bridging the digital skills gap in Europe. The Maltese National Coalition is also using this social media identity to share news on digital skills in Malta.

Spring is set to become a busy time for the National Coalitions with three National Coalitions expected to form in Luxembourg, Estonia and Ireland. In the meantime the Secretariat is building connections to assist the formation of National Coalitions in Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Austria.

The Secretariat is starting visits of meeting one-on-one with the coalition in their home countries, so far Malta was visited. The Czech republic, and more countries will organise visits with the secretariat in the coming months.