Digital Well-Being event • ALL DIGITAL
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Theme:  digital inclusion, digital skills, digital education

Start date:  13 December 15:30 CET

End date:  13 December 18:00 CET

Location:  Brussels

Organiser(s):  ALL DIGITAL

Target audience:  General Public

Digital Well-Being event

13 Dec, 2023

In an increasingly digital world, digital well-being emerges as a crucial aspect of our interactions through digital tools. Recognised as one of the 21 key competences in DigComp, DigComp 2.2 sheds light on digital well-being across its five dimensions. Emphasising that well-being should permeate all digital interactions, ALL DIGITAL, with contributions from our member organisations Maks vzw (Belgium), CARDET (Cyprus) and Punt TIC Catalunya (Spain), has compiled an analysis paper illuminating selected facets of this broad and encompassing subject. The themes chosen, “What does DigComp understand under digital well-being”, “digital well-being at the workplace”, “well-being for educators”, and “intergenerational digital competence gaps as risk factor in safeguarding well-being”, are meant to be basis for further dialogue and development on the topic.

A key point we raise in the paper is the awareness of digital technologies not being inherently positive or negative for users’ well-being, but that it is their adequate and responsible implementation and application that determines the impact on health and well-being. We also call for moving away from a view of offline and online world as separate entities and to increasingly approach them as intertwined and merged spheres that are to be understood as extensions of each other.

Our examination of digital well-being underscores the necessity for comprehensive, inclusive, and accessible digital competence development. Ensuring that everyone possesses at least basic digital competences is fundamental for effectively safeguarding and enhancing health and well-being in digital environments. Likewise, individuals involved in developing digital solutions, managing teams, educating others, and shaping policies must possess at least intermediate proficiency in digital health and well-being. This proficiency is crucial for acknowledging the associated responsibilities in their respective roles, encompassing the development of digital solutions, establishment of digital work procedures, teaching, and formulation of policies and regulations fostering well-being for all in the current and future digital landscapes.

Read the report AD Digital Well-Being Report 2023