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Digital Skillshift Training phase completed – find out more in the webinar!

15 Feb, 2021

The Digital Skillshift project is coming to a close, and of course it has been significantly affected by the different waves of the Covid-19 pandemic across Europe. Despite the pandemic, there have been 16 editions of the Digital Skillshift course in the three pilot countries – France, Germany and Italy – with 286 people starting the course over the last year, and 220 people completing it.

Aside from extremely difficult trainee recruitment and directly delivering the training itself, there have been a number of complications caused by the pandemic. Course delivery was partially switched to online, while engaging with venue partners and learner recruitment stakeholders was also very challenging.

Placements have been most hard hit, with all partners finding it impossible to make placements and very hard to track possible employment cases. Longitudinal Evaluation is still ongoing, so the results of the course outcomes are still to be measured. Initial feedback on the course itself is very positive with a high number of trainees  feeling that it helped their employment opportunities.

The project has been extended by six months until the end of May 2021, and the evaluation will continue for some time to come.

ALL DIGITAL is organising a webinar as part of All Digital Week on 22 March to give partners the opportunity to explain the detail of the project and give delegates the opportunity to understand this innovative project, funded by J.P. Morgan.

The webinar will help delegates get an overview of the project and understand the Digital Skillshift curriculum – how it evolved and how it works. The webinar will explore the structure of the learning content with a detailed walk-through of Digital Skillshift ‘Digital Assistant’ curriculum.  The webinar will also include lessons learned from the delivery of the project, the practicalities of delivery during pandemic, as well as a look at the evaluation results.

Find out more and register for the webinar