Digital competence is one of “8 basic skills” • ALL DIGITAL
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Digital competence is one of “8 basic skills”

20 Nov, 2015

Earlier in October TE’s Managing Director attended a workshop on digital competences in Spain. In his presentation, G. Rissola covered the issue of digital competencies, it being one of the “8 Basic Skills”, and the need to be able to certify and validate those skills, especially when acquired in informal learning.

G. Rissola spoke about the role of the European Commission, its initiatives such as the Digital Competence Framework, e-inclusion policies (2006-10), continuing with more recent European Digital agenda, the Grand coalition for Digital Jobs and the current Digital Single Market (DSM) strategy. G. Rissola explained the role of Telecentre Europe as a stakeholder in these initiatives, especially in the Grand Coalition and the DSM. The central point of his presentation was the link between employment and telecentres – these can be interesting channels of training and certification of Digital Skills for Employability.

More available in the below video in Spanish.