New ALL DIGITAL Community of Practice (Cop) on Digital Skills Certification • ALL DIGITAL
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New ALL DIGITAL Community of Practice (Cop) on Digital Skills Certification

23 Apr, 2021

The new ALL DIGITAL Community of Practice (Cop) on Digital Competence Certification is into full swing and is set to become a key forum for exchanging views and knowledge on digital skills certification and linked topics.

During March, ALL DIGITAL ran a consultation through the CoP on the upcoming feasibility study for a European Digital Skills Certificate (EDSC) on behalf of the European Commission.

In just three weeks of activity, the group grew from an initial 40 members to more than 260 comprising a cross section of stakeholders across the digital competence community. CoP members had an opportunity to share their views and feedback on the scope of the feasibility study, key questions to answer through the study and identify key stakeholders. There were more than 100 exchanges on the CoP message board and as many formal submissions to the consultation. The topics discussed included: needs, quality assurance, accessibility, standards, interoperability, the design process and the role of vendors.

The output from the consultation will contribute directly to the terms of reference for the upcoming study to be launched by the Commission. The CoP offers digital competence stakeholders a channel to provide feedback directly to the development of this important initiative. ALL DIGITAL is delighted to facilitate this communication and ensure that stakeholders needs and views and reflected from the beginning of this process.

The consultation was just the first step in the process to explore the feasibility and form of a European Digital Skills Certificate (EDSC).

ALL DIGITAL will continue to run the CoP as a primary channel to update stakeholders on all stages of development with the EDSC.

The CoP will also be a forum for discussion on other topics linked to digital competence certification. ALL DIGITAL has just launched a new discussion series on the CoP which will run over the next few weeks. The discussion series will offer a chance for members to gain new information and share their views on a range of topics including green skills, skills intelligence and digital credentials.

You can join the CoP via the link here.