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Become TE’s national Microsoft Technology Associate partner!

15 Mar, 2013

Telecentre-Europe invites its member organizations to become the national partner for distributing a total of 2.000 donated vouchers for young people to take a free Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification exam.

Let’s help our unemployed youth to fill one of those 800,000 ICT practitioners’ vacancies expected to remain unfilled by 2015!

Microsoft has donated Telecentre-Europe free exam vouchers & learning resources (for a total estimated value of 70€) redeemable for the MTA certification exam.

MTA is an entry-level certification that helps people to explore ICT as a career choice and validates essential technology knowledge (based on Microsoft products), needed to start building a career in Microsoft technologies. It is excellent for those who want to be better prepared for the ICT job market – or even for those who are curious, but not decided yet on a career in technology.

What is the role of a national MTA partner?

1. Dissemination & selection

The role of TE’s national MTA partner is to coordinate the donation program at national level and to allocate the free exam vouchers to applicants:

  • You will have to offer visibility of the program at a national level, for example by introducing it to universities or academic institutions with technical faculties, informing them of the opportunity to have their students take and pass an MTA certification for free. As all vouchers will expire on 30th June 2013, there is not much time left to start the promotion of the campaign, as students need to study for the exam first.
  • Applicants have to register individually for the vouchers online. When a person of a certain country applies for a voucher, Telecentre-Europe will inform the MTA partner of that country, upon which the MTA partner will contact the applicant for a minimal interview. Once the applicant has been selected upon the eligibility criteria listed on the applicant page, the national MTA partner will receive the voucher to be redeemed by the applicant.

2. Location of a Certiport Authorized Testing Centre

As an MTA partner, you need to locate a Certiport Authorized Testing Centre (CATC) where the applicant can take the exam, as this is one of the conditions of the voucher donation. If this is not possible, there are 2 options:

  • You can approach a university or academic institution with a technical faculty and advice them to become a CATC, as it is a very quick and painless process and it is free of charge.
  • Your organisation can become a CATC itself.

3. Documentation of impact

  • Each partner will have to keep a track of the numbers of vouchers received, distributed and activated
  • Each partner will track each individual voucher and will be responsible to input required tracking information into a database developed and made available by Telecentre-Europe.
  • Each partner will have to collect success stories of applicants that became certified and benefited from the MTA certification

Why to become a national MTA partner?

  • To provide an opportunity to 2000 youngsters (as main target) to achieve one or more of the MTA certifications
  • To target youth and therefore improve their chances of staring a career in the ICT profession
  • To demonstrate the impact of such certification programs at European level
  • To demonstrate the potential role telecentres are playing in delivering training and certification programs
  • To develop further certification programs attached to your current training projects

Additional benefits for your organization

  • Your organization will gain visibility and promotion both at national and European level thanks to a number of synergies that are activated by this project
  • Your organization’s logo will be inserted on all communications related to the implementation of TE’s free MTA exam vouchers program
  • Your organization will get a more accurate knowledge of the local certification sector
  • You can become a distributor of paid certification exam vouchers  in your country

Memorandum of Understanding

To formalize the partnership, Telecentre-Europe will ask your organisation to sign a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU)