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Computer Technology Institute and Press (CTI “Diophantus”)

10 Feb, 2012

The Center of Telematics and Applications for Regional Development(Telematics Center) of the Computer Technology Institute and Press(CTI “Diophantus”), supervised by the Greek Ministry of Education, Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs, has a basic objective to enhance regional development through the effective use of new ICT for the regions covered from the institute.

Basic aims:

  • To operate as a lever for regional development and interregional collaboration
  • To carry out applied research for the development and support of specialized ICT applications for the public and private regional sectors (in Western Greece)
  • To develop, support and operate information systems useful for the activities of education in Greece

Other activities:

  • Design and implementation of regional development and interregional collaboration actions under the framework of several European and National initiatives and programs
  • Provision of advanced research telematics solutions
  • Design, develop, operate and support telematics services for the Greek Ministry of Education