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Become the national branch of the MIREIA survey!

04 Dec, 2012

Telecentre-Europe invites eInclusion organizations to become the national branch for conducting the MIREIA online survey in their EU27 country. Let’s put our organisations on the map… the European map of eInclusion!

Especially in Austria & Slovenia, where Telecentre-Europe has not yet a MIREIA partner, Telecentre-Europe is looking for a partner organization to become the national MIREIA branch.

The role of the national MIREIA branch is to help reach local eInclusion centres or networks (telecentres, libraries, e-competence centres and any other variety of community place where access and training to ICT is offered to the general public or to specific target groups) who will be asked to answer a short online survey that will be launched online on January 2, 2013.

Why to become a MIREIA branch?

  • You and your respondents will be part of a public database sponsored by the European Commission
  • You and your respondents will have the opportunity to be invited to European Commission consultations, and contribute / influence EU policies on digital inclusion and empowerment
  • You and your respondents will have access to an ample directory of organizations that share similar challenges and that might become your partners
  • You and your respondents, together with other thousands of telecentres and libraries, will have the opportunity to demonstrate collectively the extension and diversity of the eInclusion sector, but also the impact that we have in our communities

Additional benefits for your organization:

  • Your organization will gain visibility and promotion both at national and European level thanks to a number of synergies that are activated by this project, like the collaboration with the EC network of Digital Champions
  • Your organization’s logo will be inserted on all communications related to the implementation of the MIREIA survey activities, next to the logo of Telecentre-Europe, funders and all other national partners
  • Your organization will get a more accurate knowledge of the local eInclusion sector in which it operates
  • You will receive a small grant of 3 EUR per filled survey in your country

Main duties:

Your main responsibilities partnering with Telecentre-Europe for the MIREIA online survey will consist in:

  • reach potential responding organizations that are part of your network
  • reach potential responding organizations that are NOT part of your network but could be considered eInclusion actors
  • try to reach the target responses fixed for your country
  • blog on Telecentre-Europe’s community site about your dissemination efforts in your country and on the proceedings of the survey responses
  • sign a formal committment document between your organization and Telecentre-Europe

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