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Ambitious eGovernment plan increases importance of telecentres in Denmark

04 Oct, 2012

In 2011, the Danish government agreed on an ambitious eGovernment strategy stating that by 2015, 80 % of the communication between citizens and public authorities should be digital. As a consequence, the focus in the Danish telecentres has been moved from solely general ICT skills to a broader action supporting the e-government strategy. 

Digital communication will cut costs in government now used on stamps, letters, and telephone calls in order to free means to be used on welfare service instead. Keeping in mind that in 2011, 82 % of the Danish population used the internet every day or at least once per week, the 80 % digital communication goal is feasible.

For the part of the population who have never or only very rarely been online a “Help Plan for the transition to digital communication” was formulated in Spring 2012.  This “Help Plan” comprises telecentres such as the public libraries and organisations for the elderly who are the largest group among those not online. It also increased the societal importance and relevance of the telecentres, and thus of the members of the Danish Learn more about ICT network .

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