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Apply for the ALL DIGITAL WEEKS 2023 Campaign AWARDS

06 Apr, 2023

Apply for the ALL DIGITAL Weeks 2023 Awards!

Join us in celebrating the power of digital inclusion and apply for the AD Weeks 2023 campaign awards to showcase your impactful and innovative activities that are bridging the digital divide and transforming lives, with a particular focus on the campaign motto ‘’Enhance your digital skills’’

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to shine a light on your digital inclusion initiatives and be recognised for your hard work. Submit your application for the AD Weeks 2023 campaign awards today and join us in advancing the digital skills and opportunities for all!

Reasons why?

We have decided to create 2 Awards for the ADWeeks campaign to recognise the consistent and impactful work done by our members, as national coordinators, and by the local event organisers at the grassroots level in enhancing digital skills through activities directed to expand the knowledge and competencies of all people present on the European territory.

The 2 awards categories are:

  • Best national campaign, dedicated to the best national coordinator
  • Best event, dedicated to the event organisers filling in the map of events (only events organised till the 7th May of 2023 will be considered for the prize)

Who can apply? / How to apply?

In order to apply to the prize, the national coordinators will have to submit a report to ALL DIGITAL including the outreach on social media, their actions in reaching partners and national stakeholders and a recap of the events uploaded by national participants in their country, as well fill in the application form.

The event organisers will have to create and include an event on digital skills, inclusion and empowerment on map of events and fill in a short application form to show the impact the event had on the local community. The events considered are the ones organised and put on the map until the 7th of May 2023.

Eligibility criteria

Read more about the eligibility and selection criteria here: ALL DIGITAL WEEKS 2023 Awards

We will evaluate as best events only the events organised and created until the 7th of May 2023.

Prize, deadline, process

The awards winner will win a trip to Zagreb, covering the travel expenses to Zagreb, 2 nights’ accommodation and participation in the ALL DIGITAL Summit 2023. Travel Expenses to Zagreb will be reimbursed according the ALL DIGITAL Travel and Subsistence Policy.

In order to apply for the ADWeeks2023 award you will have to fill out the application forms by the 30th of  May 2023


The application:

  • Should be as precise as possible
  • Should be as close to the topic as possible
  • Must contain only truthful information
  • Will be considered submitted only complete application forms

A selected Jury of experts will be selecting the winners. Winners will be contacted individually at the beginning of July and made public on the 26th of September 2023 during the ALL DIGITAL Summit – Awards Ceremony in Zagreb.


For further information get in touch with