Advisory Board meeting in Brussels on 10 December 2015 • ALL DIGITAL
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Advisory Board meeting in Brussels on 10 December 2015

03 Dec, 2015

Telecentre Europe will hold its Advisory Board meeting on 10th of December in Brussels. The mission of the Advisory Board is to consult TE on its strategic direction and to propose any recommendations. The meeting will take place at the Delegation of Catalonia to the EU.

In the upcoming meeting the Advisory Board (AB) together with Telecentre Europe’s Board members and Managing Director will look into the network’s strategic priorities for 2016. AB members are also expected to share some strategic points of their organisations.

Four members coming from different backgrounds have been part of the Advisory Board so far: Roy Sharon (Liberty Global), Fiona Fanning (CEPIS/ECDL Foundation), Sylvie Laffarge (Microsoft), and Andrea Parola (European e-Skills Association). Last month Christoph Kaletka from TU Dortmund University in Germany has joined the Advisory Board, bringing his research background and experience in the fields of social innovation and digital inclusion.