Please see below the list of completed projects.

  • Funded by: Erasmus+ Programme, Youth in Action, Key Action 2: Strategic Partnerships Duration: 14 months Start date: 01/02/2016 End date: 31/03/2017 Website: In February 2016 Telecentre Europe and three members (Maks vzw, Telecentar and El Teb) started a new project “Youth e

  • Funded by: Europe for Citizens Programme Duration: 12 months Start date: 01/01/2015 End date: 31/12/2015 Website:   E-Participation is ICT-enabled citizens’ participation in policies and policy-making. Many citizens consider that the EU is something that happens only

  • Funded by:  European Commission Duration: 24 months Start date: 01/02/2014 End date: 01/02/2016 Website: Telecentre Europe was part of the Secretariat of the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs. The Secretariat brought together

  • Funded by: LifeLong Learning Programme (European Commission) Duration: 24 months Start date: 01/12/2012 End date: 30/11/2014 Website: The acronym M4ALL stands for “motion-based adaptable playful learning experiences for children with motor and intellectual disabiliti

  • Start date: 01/11/2012 End date: 01/04/2014 Website: TMA was a project aimed at providing a learning pathway on media literacy specifically tailored for adult learners. The programme equipped learners with skills related to understanding, use and production of media

  • Funded by: European Commission – JRC Duration: 6 months Start date: 16/10/2012 End date: 16/03/2013 Website: Objectives JRC-IPTS and DG CONNECT conducted the MIREIA project, which aimed to better understand the role of eInclusion inte

  • Funded by: ICT-PSP programme (European Union) Start Date: 01/04/2012 End Date: 31/03/2015 Duration: 36 months Website: Carer+ project identified and enhanced ICT competences of care workers who supported elderly persons at home – anticipating a new and vital role for care worker