Young europeans 60% ready to be hired for increasingly ICT-focused jobs • ALL DIGITAL
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Young europeans 60% ready to be hired for increasingly ICT-focused jobs

24 Apr, 2012

In Skillage: Are you ready to get hired? Deputy Chair Ian Clifford describes how Telecentre-Europe took up the opportunity of Get Online Week 2012 to create Skillage – multi-translated tool that helps assess the ICT for employability skills of young people across Europe.

The first results are in and there were more than 9.000 uses during Get Online Week, and around 500 each week since. The average score is at around 60% at the moment.

Although some might even disagree with the suggested answer, there are often no absolute answers in preparing for the modern ICT-focused job market. It’s often shades of grey. Skillage questions are deliberately chosen to prompt young people to think about the topic a little more, to ask themselves if they really know everything they need to get or keep a job in 2012.

So Skillage is indeed a tool:  it’s partly assessment, partly learning through self-questioning. It helps young people to see what they need to brush up on, and where they can go to get that help.

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