Telecentre Europe Annual Conference (TEAC15) Report • ALL DIGITAL
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Telecentre Europe Annual Conference (TEAC15) Report

20 Dec, 2015

Authors: Masha Tarle and Ilona Grinuite
Year: 2015
Type: conference report

Project: Telecentre Europe Annual Conference

Download link in PDF


A summarised report on the annual event held by Telecentre Europe presents the highlights of a two-day conference which took place in Belgrade on 24-25th September 2015. The report wraps up the main sessions, an I-LINC panel on youth employability, five workshops in connection with EU project Unite-IT, and e-Participation discussions on the second day. The second Digital e-Inclusion Award ceremony and its winners are also reflected in the report.

The 2-day event was attended by almost 150 participants. Apart from many NGOs and TE members, the conference welcomed ICT sector representatives from Latvia and Belgium, policy makers from Estonia and Serbia, a group of primary and secondary school teachers, civil society organisations from UK and municipal authorities from the city of Venice.