Resource Author:  Rigas Aktivo Senioru Alianse (RASA)

Year:  2019

Language:  English

Type:  Report

Project:  ICT Skills 4 All

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ICTSkills4All Inter-generational and peer-to-peer educational programs to improve digital skills in older adults

05 Sep, 2019

The report consists of a revision of existing inter-generational and peer-to-peer in person educational programmes performed at regional, national, European and international levels and in different databases. It includes programmes, in which their efficacy in terms of digital skills improvement in old adults was evaluated.

After selection of the documents, a revision of its contents was done, with particular emphasis on the programme content, instruments used to evaluate their impact, and the results obtained in terms of digital skills improvements.

The report will be used by the partnership to develop the in-person educational programmes.