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Re-designing the future of telecentres: SparkLab Andalucia

05 Mar, 2014

The Spanish network of telecentres  Guadalinfo and  our partner organisation are organising this Friday, March 7th in Andalucia, Spain an event on telecentres and innovation titled “SparkLAB Andalucía”.

Sponsored by the Spanish telecommunications giant Telefónica, the event is   a  continuation of the international SparkLAB initiative, a movement initiated by, the International Telecommunication Union and The “Generalitat de Catalunya” to encourage the evolution of telecentres from their current status as public centres for ICT learning towards telecentres as hubs for innovation, digital inclusion and entrepreneurship.

Who should attend or participate online?

The event is geared towards the telecentre community and beyond: those intrested in innovation-specifically in the field of social innovatiom, but also mentors, managers, government officals, NGOs…in short, all the actors with a stake in the future of the telecentre community around the world. The event is not limited in scope to Spain but also combines global phenomena, practical showcases and methodological analysis, with current trends and lessons learned.

Entrepreneuship, Creativity and Technology 

Participants will have the chance to attend a number of streamed video conferences:

  • led by Sergi Marcén (@sergimarcen) on new and emerging trends in the field of mobile technology
  • one led by the company  Droiders that is currently working with Goolge glass technology whose CEO Julián Beltrán (@julianmb) will present a demo
  • telecentre Europe Director Gabriel Rissola (@tc_europe) will present the “Great Coalition of Digital Jobs” and the role of Telecentre Europe in raising awareness and training for the new digital jobs.
  • Pedro Clavería (@peclaveria) will talk about his experience in entrepreneurship and  Amalio Rey (@arey) an expert in Innovation and Development Marketing will talk about the keys to “design thinking”.

In a nutshell