Ian Clifford - Programme Consultant • ALL DIGITAL
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Ian Clifford – Programme Consultant

About us


Ian Clifford manages Digital SkillShift and DigComp SAT projects.


Over the last 20+ years Ian has empowered disadvantaged people by running social education projects, networks and organisations in the UK and internationally. His career has focused on growing those networks and developing innovative concepts into practical, successful solutions that meet social needs.  Ian has been involved with ALL DIGITAL since its inception as an informal network in 2008. During 2008-12 he gave strategic leadership to the founding of then Telecentre-Europe, where European Commission advocacy, industry partnership development and online social innovation were key. He led the development of Skillage and introduced the Get Online Week (now ALL DIGITAL Week) model to Europe.


During 2003-2011, and overlapping with his chairing of Telecentre-Europe, he supported the UK online centres network of technology centres, managing the South West region, and then developing national projects and campaigns including managing the first ‘Get Online Day’, and building its business case for funding from government around the support of online government services.


Since 2013, he has established and developed YouRock.Jobs, an award-winning social innovation platform in 20 EU and Asian languages that has so far helped 15,000 young people to discover their work skills.


In 1996-2002, Ian founded and then managed COSMIC, a successful, rural, social enterprise community technology centre in the UK. COSMIC empowered young people in their career development, supported local businesses to get online, and communities with digital inclusion. It is now an award winning social enterprise in South West England.


Ian has a number of specialist knowledge areas including digital and social inclusion, youth, employability support, telecentre networks, government ICT programmes, funding and business cases, online government services, social enterprise and corporate social responsibility. He is also a funding assessor for the European Commission for youth entrepreneurship and social innovation.