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May 7 to be dedicated to European e-Participation Day

27 Feb, 2015

Our new project called “Enabling European e-Participation” officially took off this Wednesday, 25th February! 13 partners (Telecentre Europe and twelve of its member organisations) met in Brussels and chose May 7th, two days before Europe Day, to be designated as the European e-Participation Day.

During this day we will raise awareness among citizens about different online tools for democratic participation in EU policy and encourage them to use those tools. Various websites and opportunities for online participation exist on the EU level, but many people just don’t know that they can submit a petition to the European Parliament or chat with EU policy-makers on Twitter or Facebook.

On 7th May each partner will organise national activities such as workshops and conferences with citizens. Telecentre Europe will develop guidelines on the e-Participation tools and how to run awareness raising activities. These guidelines will help partners to prepare for their activities, but can also be used by any other organisation interested in organising activities on the topic. The project will run throughout 2015 and the European e-Participation Day will be followed by an online competition “My e-Participation Story” and a conference with policy-makers at the end of the year in Brussels, where award winners will be able to share their views on the EU e-participation tools with policy makers.

The project aims at raising awareness about the online possibilities for participation in the EU policy-making regardless of how far from Brussels we live and that the only thing we need is a computer and Internet connection. Our aim is to show the practical side of these tools and how they can be used in concrete situations in everyday life.

With this project we want to start a debate on e-Participation in Europe led by Telecentre Europe.

Stay tuned for more information on dates and events!

Project partners:

Fondazione Mondo Digitale (Italy), I.A.N. International Aid Network (Serbia), Telecentre-Danmark (Denmark), Stowarzyszenie Miasta w Internecie (Poland), Fundacja Rozwoju Spoleczenstwa Informacyjnego (Poland), Fundatia Eos Educating for an open society (Romania), Asociacija Langas I Ateiti (Lithuania), Albanian Institute of Science (Albania), Associacio per a joves Teb (Spain), LIKTA (Latvia), Stiftung Digitale Chancen (Germany), and Smart Work Association (Estonia)