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Learn More about ICT Network

27 Aug, 2010

In 2009 the network ‘Learn more about ICT’ started up in earnest. This initiative plays a major role in a broad societal effort to improve Danish citizens’ IT competences.

‘Learn more about ICT’ is a national network, comprising the entire library sector, unions, all municipalities, adult educational associations and interest groups for the elderly, IT and non-ethnic Danes.

The network was established when analyses of the Danes’ ICT skills showed than although the public as a whole have generally come a long way in terms of using ICT, it is still clear that more must be done to make sure that everybody reaches an acceptable standard of proficiency.

The Danish community is becoming ever more digitised, and it will become steadily more difficult for people to manage if they are unable to use the increasing number of public and private ICT self-service solutions. International surveys have also demonstrated that citizens with IT skills are less likely to become redundant than citizens without these skills.

With this in mind, the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation decided to launch a number of initiatives to improve the Danes’ ICT skills, and here ‘Learn More about ICT’ is a central element. Despite their widely different backgrounds the network partners are totally agreed that via ‘Learn More about ICT’ it will be possible to motivate the part of the Danish population without as well as those with limited ICT skills to discover the advantages of being able to use ICT in their everyday lives.