ICT Skills 4 All 4th project meeting in Lancaster • ALL DIGITAL
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ICT Skills 4 All 4th project meeting in Lancaster

08 Feb, 2020

The 4th project meeting of the ICT skills 4 All project was held in Lancaster (UK) on 30 January 2020.

The project aims at fostering digital skills, self-confidence and online safety of old adults aged 55 years and over who have minimal or no engagement with digital technology.

In order to do so, ICT Learning Programme is being selected. This programme includes:

  • A dedicated online platform with information, training tools and resources addressed to those who have low digital skills. The Platform is being developed by the University of Porto in four languages (English, Portuguese, Latvian, Polish) and it will be ready by April 2020
  • Face-to-face support using the inter-generational and peer-to-peer approach addressed for those who have no digital skills. The aim of this phase is to provide these people with the basic digital skills that allow them to access the online platform.

Project partners are now getting ready to deliver the training. They will deliver the training in two different phases: one using the peer-to-peer approach and one the intergenerational one.

Partners from Latvia “Rigas Aktivo Senioru Alianse (RASA)” have already started the first part of the training using the peer-to-peer approach. Madara, representative of RASA, presented some of the findings from the training. She said that participants needed different pace, some had good concentration skills and could follow the topic, while others needed a slower pace.


Project Partners during the meeting