Joel Ferrer • ALL DIGITAL
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Joel Ferrer

20 Sep, 2023

Joel is the head of the Training and Employment Area at Esplai Foundation, co-founding partner of ALL DIGITAL. He holds a degree in Philosophy and a postgraduate degree in E-learning Project Management, specialising in the field of training, where he has long experience: initially as teacher, later on as editor of online training content and manager of e-learning educational platforms, and nowadays as leader of Esplai’s fastest growing area. In particular he is involved in projects of mentoring, training and job placement in the IT field for unemployed young people; training projects in digital skills at national and European; empowerment of citizens through ICT; recognition of the socio-digital facilitator professional profile; digital competences certification processes, etc.
Dreamer, optimist, committed, hard-working, friend… human being! Avid defender of free-of-charge but full-of-quality formal and non-formal training offer for all citizens, especially those most vulnerable, as the main driving force for social transformation.