Shaping DIGITAL Transformation with and for ALL - AD SUMMIT 2022 • ALL DIGITAL
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Shaping DIGITAL Transformation with and for ALL – AD SUMMIT 2022

17 Jun, 2022

The ALL DIGITAL Summit 2022 takes place in Prague on 28-30 September 2022. It focuses on the effects of digital transformation in different sectors and groups of society, and on how digital (and other) skills can help people identifying the benefits for their growth.

The Summit 2022 is titled “Shaping DIGITAL transformation with and for ALL’’ and is going to include high-level keynote speeches, panels, workshops and informative sessions. Policymakers, digital education stakeholders, trainers and educators, civic society and industry representatives will gather in Prague, after 2 years of online meetings, to get the latest insights on policy actions, innovation and projects related to digital skills, education and upskilling/reskilling. Interesting networking opportunities will be guaranteed in a lively context with more than 150 participants to allow them to connect and exchange ideas.

The ALL DIGITAL Summit focuses on what digital transformation implies in the digital skills sector and its impact on culture, innovation and education, especially on the must-to-have skills in modern societies. The events will also present lessons learnt from the recent past on how to enhance digital skills across Europe through education, learning and training – in particular in the non-formal sector.

The events will present different perspectives, paying particular attention to the effects of digital transformation on Youth, with the ambition to sustain the European Year of Youth and the development of an inclusive, tech ready and future-proof society.

The Summit is organized by ALL DIGITAL and hosted by EPMA (ALL DIGITAL Czech member) and the Vysočina region which have offered consistent support to the event, as it is taking place in Prague, during the Czech Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Find the programme here!

Registrations are open!

Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information at summit(at)