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  • Telecentre Europe, a leading European community in the field of digital skills, celebrates ten years of partnership, motivation, dedication and development, and becomes ALL DIGITAL. Our network targets 170 million Europeans who have an insufficient level of digital skills. We work to empower and sup

  • 2 June, 14.00-15.00 CET, online webex meeting The webinar will offer a thematic introduction by two distinguished speakers and will offer 15 minutes of discussion, questions & answers. Speakers:   Dana T. Redford, PhD, Founder & President, Policy Experimentation & Evaluation Platfor

  • The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition is growing, and these developments should be positive for all stakeholders in the digital skills community. In March, during Get Online Week, there were successful launches by the Latvian Coalition E-prasmju partrnerība (E-skills partnership) in Riga and the Lit

We represent digital competence centres or networks of digital competence centres, ICT learning centres, adult education centres and libraries across Europe where children and adults can access the Internet, learn the latest digital skills and keep up to date with technology  and community developments.


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We believe that every European should be able to exploit the benefits and opportunities created by digital transformation.

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