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TIEKE – Finnish Information Society Development Centre

03 Apr, 2020



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Main thematic area of expertise: Basic Digital Skills
Main thematic area of interest: Basic Digital Skills


TIEKE Finnish Information Society Development Centre is a neutral, non-profit networking organization with around 80 members ranging from public sector organizations like Ministry of Transport and Communication to major companies like Microsoft and non-profits like The Finnish Society on Media Education.

Since its establishment in 1981, TIEKE’s ultimate goal has been to create a competent and interoperable information society. In order to speed up information society development, TIEKE strives to identify problem areas and to create undertakings and services that address them. TIEKE speaks out about topical information society issues and participates in public debate.

TIEKE has played an important role in enhancing basic digital skills in Finland for over 25 years. TIEKE is widely known as the home base of The Computer Driving Licenses. The first exams were introduced already in 1994, and ever since TIEKE has been promoting the importance of basic digital skills for all in Finland. In addition to its products and services, TIEKE pursues towards this goal by projects, surveys, publications, seminars, webinars and sharing knowledge focusing on digital skills.

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Name: Hanna Vuohelainen
Position: Accelerator for digital skills and communication