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20 Jun, 2014


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PH International (Project Harmony, Inc.), founded in 1985, is a non-profit organization implementing targeted programs in the United States and across Europe in countries such as Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Turkey. Our mission is to build a strong global community by fostering civic leadership, harnessing information technology, and facilitating cross-cultural learning.

PH focuses on four key areas in its work: information technology, educational development, professional development, and community development. In the field of technology, PH’s goal is to harness its potential to enable participants and organizations to learn from their peers around the world, collaborating to develop new problem solving methods while challenging stereotypes and assumptions. Free and/or inexpensive access to technology and information, coupled with training and support, is the basis for PH’s highly successful efforts in including underrepresented populations in its programming.

PH has implemented networks of over 1200 ICT centers, which have conducted over 60,000 free courses and seminars to various community members.

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Name: David Koenig
Position: Director of Operations