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Le Mans University

07 May, 2021



Joined us in:


Digital competence centres:


Main thematic area of expertise: Basic Digital Skills
Main thematic area of interest: Digital Media Literacy

Le Mans University (LMU) is a relatively young, multidisciplinary institution founded in 1977. It is situated in the heart of an important transportation and exchange network of the largest French and European cities. With 11 500 students on 2 campuses located in Le Mans and in Laval, 80 km apart, LMU is connected with numerous partners across 5 continents, in order to encourage and develop its research and teaching activities. It has 1 000 staff, 630 professors and research professors, 2 500 diplomas obtained per year, 15 research laboratories. LMU proposes 87 diplomas offered in 6 schools: School of Science and Technology; School of Liberal Arts, Humanities and Languages, School of Law; Economics and Business Administration; the National School of Engineering of Le Mans and the University Technical Institute of Le Mans and the University Technical Institute of Laval.

The Digital resource Centre:  Created in 2006, is dedicated to the conception, production and implementation of digital resources and services for teaching, research, and the diffusion of knowledge in a close interaction with researchers and professors. It also allows each student free access to online resources for classes or online learning and manages the distance education programs offered by LMU in France or abroad (more than 20 degrees are available online: Undergraduate, Masters and University Certifications, preparation for recruitment and teaching examinations).

Examples of work done by the Digital Resource Center:

  • It has developed the video platform (videos-sharing website) of LMU which is called Umotion. It gathers different video channels (acoustic, law, history, languages, etc.)
  • It has elaborated the teaser presenting the Distance Learning System (EAD) at LMU
  • It has elaborated a Motion Design production on the “Practical Laws concerning the Time”

Social Media



Name: Mohammed Oubella

Position: Vice Dean International Affairs University of Science